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Perfect for singles, couples, the family, or a large group, our canopy zipline tour in Jaco offers views unlike any other zipline tour in Costa Rica. A van will pick up you and your party at your hotel and deliver you to the private river valley in minutes. Professional guides greet you at the front of the 850-acre private river valley and escort you deep into the Jungle to the zipline training center. After fitting you with safety equipment you take a short hike to the first platform located next to a 180 foot waterfall named El Encanto. From there, you’ll hook up to the first line and breathe in stunning sights of cascading waterfalls, canyons, mountainsides, river valleys and ocean views while soaring through the air. With our dual-steel cable and auto braking system, all you’ll have to worry about is enjoying the ride! Cable #8 is the longest cable along the Central Pacific Coast at over 2000 ft. long (over 1 minute of flying time). This final cable arrives at our Jungle Hut café where you will be cheered and welcomed by your friends and other guests within the park with fresh fruit and juice. Now that’s Pura Vida!
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The tour is part of the beautiful 850-acre private river valley. Our award winning tour guides outfit you and yours with safety gear, explain how to operate the ATVs and lead you off the beaten path through 6+ kms of tropical jungle, mountains, and river valleys – without riding on the dangerous highway. You will see an amazing display of natural biodiversity, exotic birds, wildlife, and 500 year old trees as you ride deep into the tropical jungle to “El Encanto” (The Enchanted) waterfall. El Encanto is our secluded and private waterfall where you can watch adventurers having a great time rappelling. You may even see zipliners flying overhead to the rancho where everyone finishes for fresh pineapple and juice in a Jurassic Park like setting. Rev up and experience the magic of nature for yourself! *Children younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
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You are greeted by professional guides who saddle you up on our well loved and cared for Costa Rican stepping horses. On this roughly 2 hour tour, our horses have been trained to carry our visitors gently through our private river valley, across river beds and along the mountainside to spectacular views of Ocean Ranch Park. The tour arrives at our private 180 ft. waterfall, “El Encanto” (The Enchanted Waterfall). This is one of many stops that will be provided where our guests and horses can both relax and breathe in the sheer beauty of nature. Giant trees, white faced monkeys, toucans, macaws, and beautiful flowers adorn the landscape all the way to the Rancho where you can kick off your shoes and have a slice of pineapple and a cool drink while enjoying the Jurassic Park like setting.
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What You Can Expect: This heightened sensorial experience is a “must do” while in Costa Rica. “El Encanto” (The Enchanted) waterfall rappel tour is a medium to challenging eco adventure tour that makes for an amazing and breathtaking experience. Our award winning tour guides will get you outfitted with the latest in safety harnesses and hike back with you to our private waterfall hidden on the ranch. Once you reach the top of “El Encanto” falls, you will clip in, lean your back over the falls and and drop down the 180’ ft. face. One by one you will be lead down the series of pools to the bottom – this will be one of your best days in Costa Rica!
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Cost $105pp   This is the perfect “mixed bag” adventure tour: Hiking + Waterfall Rappel + Canopy Zipline = an unforgettable experience! You and your party are picked up from your hotel for a quick 10 minute drive to the park. Professional bilingual tour guides greet you, set you up with harnesses, and teach how to rappel. A short hike to the zipline for your first adrenaline rush flying to a platform hanging over a 200+ foot waterfall. A series of rappels starting with the first drop of over 90 feet into the tropical waterfall pool below with your guide waiting. Three more rappels and you are ready to hike up to platform number seven of the zipline tour and take the last two longest cables across and down the private river valley. The last zipline (Cable #8) is over 2000 ft. long and arrives at the Jungle Hut Café where you can celebrate this amazing day with family and friends over cool beverages and fruit.   Review: Adrenaline Canyon at Ocean Ranch Park is one of the best I have done! I’m from Costa Rica and I’ve been living in Jaco beach for 6 years and I’m impressed with this adventure. I would recommend it 100%! The guides Lamar and Lucas were fantastic, the owners Gregory, Don, and Linda are really putting their heart into this amazing property. Nature all over…good people…just great!   What You Can Expect: For all tours, please bring a swimsuit, shorts and shoes that will get wet and prepare to enjoy your best-day in Costa Rica!
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COST ADULT $60/pp, CHILD $30   The Aerial Tram is one of the most unique Costa Rica excursions at Rainforest Adventures, featuring 18 gondolas that give rides to a maximum for 9 passengers each including one bilingual (English/Spanish) naturalist guide and take the passengers a tour to the canopy and the rich ecosystem of Costa Rican rain forests, one of the many beautiful destinations in Central America. Upon advance request we can provide guide assistance in other languages. We show our guests all the different layers of the rainforest, from the floor to the treetops. The Costa Rica canopy is home to an enormous amount of flora and fauna; eager to find light and space, many plants have colonized the treetops, turning them into small, independently functioning ecosystems.
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Your tour begins onboard one of Costa Rica’s Catamaran sailing vessels. Marvel at the unspoiled beaches and lush pacific coastline while we navigate past the scenic offshore islands that serve as the nesting grounds to countless marine birds and their young. Spotted dolphins native to these waters often frolic and jump in our boat’s wake as we keep an eye out for giant sea turtles and migrating humpback whales.
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The mangrove forest is one of the most vital and astounding ecosystems in the world. Damas Island, located just 10 minutes from Manuel Antonio is currently one of the most important remaining mangroves in Costa Rica. Covering thousands of acres of protected forest, this amazing biodiversity is home to a large number of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects.
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The mangrove forest is one of the most vital and astounding ecosystems in the world. Covering thousands of acres of protected forest, this amazing environment is home to a large number of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects. Approximately 70% of its wildlife is nocturnal, a fact that has made the Night Mangrove Tour one of our most fascinating adventures.
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This is an all day quest geared toward adrenaline junkies. It includes a drive South to the wild and rugged Osa area. We will trek to three different waterfalls. One of the falls has a rope swing that you can that you can swing and then jump off into the natural pools below. The next Waterfall has jumps from 8-30 feet and a natural water slide. We will then enjoy an authentic Costa Rican meal at a typical local restaurant.  
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Your trip starts with a short 40 minute trip north of the Quepos / Manuel Antonio area. Through neighbouring villages of Naranjito and Villa Nueva to your entry point. A thorough safety briefing from out professional guides, a quick watermanship test and you are on your way. It is a 3km canyon run, with drops, rushing rapids , that bounce and manuever you around the river for a full on adventure. Between crazy rapids, you will get some moments to take in the amazing, lush rainforest around you before continuing on.  
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For more experienced rafters, the Naranjo River runs from December through April and is a consistently adrenaline-pumping Class III and IV wild ride. It is recommended for the more physically fit thrill seekers. You rafting tour starts on a 40 minute drive out of Manuel Antonio, through Naranjito and Villa Nueva, with surrounding lush forest and plantations.
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The feeling of being weightless, of floating around almost like flying, the deep connection with mother nature as you are submerged in its womb. These are only a few of the new sensations that you will experience on your first dive in the ocean.
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Costa Rica is internationally renowned as a paradise for wildlife and nature lovers seeking fresh breaths of ocean and jungle air. Let yourself be guided by a passionate Costa Rican, a real horseman fully bilingual, who loves his horses to which he devoted his life, making the ranch life into an amazing experience. This adventure will help you discover Costa Rica’s charms, amongst forests and the pristine beach of Esterillos, from the top of authentic Mustang creating memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to Costa Rica, a world of nature! Founded in 2005 by Costa Rican natives Diego Solis and his brother Gustavo, The Riding Adventure is a family business renowned for the well-being of its horses and the passion of the founders. Come discover our piece of paradise in Rancho Monterey with The Riding Adventure, your specialist in horseback-riding tours since 2005. The Riding Adventure Your destination: Esterillos Beach, located on the Pacific coast between the resort town of Jaco and the Manuel Antonio national park. This blue flag awarded beach offers you amazing miles to ride, as well as world class surfing waves. The Riding Adventure offers its visitors different options of horseback-riding tours in order to give a global overview of the region's highlights.
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This local tour starts at base of the Del Pacifico Ranch property where Pura Vida Casas 3 large homes are located.  The tour is fun and rustic in nature and will allow you to really enjoy the diversity in the local area.  You will start the tour in the ranch stables and head up to the mountains behind the ranch for some beautiful views you will ride through the river bed and tropical forest enjoying all the wildlife there then you will end with a beautiful on the sand beach ride home.  The tour is about 1.25 hours.
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